Thursday, July 7, 2011

A New Team!

     I am so excited to be a part of this! The Woodwife and Devata have put together an awesome team called Mary's Graces. Mary's Graces is a garden of art, beauty and inspiration.  Full of Creations that inspire and set the heart alight! Sounds good doesn't it?!

Who can join?

A limited number of members
Etsy shop owners who also have a blog
Inspirational art and art that focuses on the divine feminine, Mary, Goddess and the Sacred Heart of Love

     If this sounds like you click here to apply!
     I have made some wonderful friends though my religious art and look forward to many more! Many of my newest friends have shops AND Blogs of their own. below you will find all the newest additions to my link page. If you would like to be on it just drop me a line!

DissyB's Bizarre Bazaar on Etsy
 Dissy's Jewelry Shop

Dissy's Blog


  1. Go Team!!!!!!!! You are awesome - thanks for the links. Your blog is looking better and better.