Sunday, January 30, 2011

Where you can Find Me!

Where You Can Find Me my products dropped from Google Search.

Yes. So I have just found out that if you have your products listed on more than one site simultaneously...Google may just reject all of your items altogether. Sooooo...I run on over to the old Artfire acct and delete Google feed...then over to Bonanza to do the same and LO AND BEHOLD....ALL of my items disappear from Google. If you can find any let me know. Let this be a lesson to you (maybe)...if you have an Etsy account you cannot disable Google feeds so you  either have to sell different products on each site OR suppress Google feed for your other sites. Quick. Chances are you are already disappearing from searches like I did. :( 

If you have any advice or have all pieces of the Triforce in your possesion please give it (or them) to me.

Until Then you can find me....