Monday, August 15, 2011

New Mary's Graces Treasury in PINK!

     I don't know why...but I don't see too many treasuries in Pink. This one is AWESOME! AND it is made up of all Mary;s Graces team member as well! Can't beat that with a stick! Click on the Titles to check out these great collections! Comments are welcomed!

     Also...if you sell on Etsy are you aware that they have just changed the keyword search up a bit? You can read up on it here... CLICK HERE
 I am slowly changing all my tags and adding Marys graces here and there too!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Mary's in and Mary's out!

     I've added LOTS of new assemblages to the shop in the past two weeks...and I think most were snapped up instantly! What a great start to August! Here are some of my latest Mary's....
Winter Angel Mary SOLD

Mary of Guadalupe Cedar Box SOLD

Vintage Mary Wall Plaque  
       I don't know what the weather is like near YOU but it is unbearably humid and hot here in Virginia. Although my creativity is being slowly sapped from the heat I do have a few more ideas for the near future. I am currently working on a Purple and Gold Mary in a Freestanding wood/glass lantern that will actually have a light inside it! :) Should give it an extra glittery effect. Can't get enough glitter!