Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Rhinestones and Glitter...

     OK! So my new venture...Black Forest Rose is going better than expected! What started as a love for anything plastic and saintly has turned into a Lovely shop full to the brim with Vintage Religious Treasures! Not only that but My artwork has taken a turn as well and building super sparkling shrines has become one of my newest talents. I have ALWAYS been drawn to anything I have a perfect venue to showcase my Assemblage Art pieces that speak in rhinestones and glitter!

     My favorite subject is the Lovely Virgin Mary in all her various forms. Whether the Virgin of Guadalupe or Mary of Lourdes...she is such a beautiful image to work with! I am learning so much about the Catholic Religion in the process...and I never knew there were so many wonderful Saints! Here are a few of my latest creations! Click on the photo to go to it's listing on Etsy.

Hot Pink Mary Shrine

Golden Mary Shrine
         I also have amassed a huge collection of Religious Kitsch and Vintage Figurines that I am offering for sale as well. They all come from my personal collection and have had former lives all over the globe! Saints figures, miniature Mary's, Italian shrines, pocket Saints and paper ephemera are some of my specialities. I am happy to be able to share my collections with Etsy shoppers all over the world! And I have tracked down numerous treasures for people who miss something they had as a child or that their Grandma had. Is there something special you would like? I may just have what you are looking for! If I don't I'll do my best to find it for you! A big thank you those who got me to near 150 sales since the opening this January! 
        And an even BIGGER thank you to those special people who have helped me price items, figure out which Saint is which and who have given me their honest opinions on the shop! Click on the photos below to go to their lovely shops.
Thank You So Much!


  1. Great start to a new blog!! Thanks for the thank you at the bottom!! Hey since you do paint shrines you can join Paint Party Friday each week and show off your work. Many people check it out and your work is so beautiful you need to show it off. The link is on my Woodwife blog. It's easy to do - unless you mess up like I did with my frida painting - but I did an Immaculate heart ACEO this week. Thought small would be better.

  2. Oh, you are such a sweetheart; NICE LOOKING BLOG! xo Diane