Monday, July 23, 2012

A Commission!

Soooooo the fairy came back! But not in the normal manner...I was commissioned to make a set of shrines in honor of someones grandmother who had passed away. Eight to be exact. Eight shrines. That's a lot. Especially since most, maybe all of my shrines include no less than 44 colors of glitter and rhinestones! I was completely taken aback by this request but I still said yes. And whaddya know. I'm damn good at it. I've already nailed down the ideas, bought supplies and arranged the pieces for 6 of the 8 shrines! Assembling them is the easy part but coming up with the ideas...that's USUALLY another story. This time I'm shrining like the wind. Pictures to come real soon. Wish me luck!
p.s. I'm going to be offering this as a service for sale in my shop after I have these done with all the finished photos for examples. Exciting!

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