Sunday, July 17, 2011

Big Idea!

     So I make Lots and LOTS of small shrines. When my kids were on vacation I decided to make something BIG! I found a pair (yes I'll be making another) of vintage wall sconces that look like lanterns...and with a week or so of painting and absolutely NO trial and error I came up with this fabulous Blue, Green and Gold wall shrine! It is a big 9" wide x 20" long and is a focal piece just begging to be set between two small mirrors or candles! This is my best yet!

     I have one more unfinished "lantern" and will be making one more. Any ideas for a theme or color scheme?


  1. You are not kidding that this is your best yet. OMG I am in love. This is gorgeous!!!! You did good really good. The colors on this one are spot on woman - you are on a roll......