Friday, July 8, 2011

2 Weeks of no kids=ART

     My children were BOTH far far away for 2 weeks. Aside from eating nothing but cereal I got a lot of artwork done! Having more than five minutes at a time to work on my projects was wonderful and I was able to concentrate on tiny details a lot more. Here are a few of the pieces that sprang from my alone time...

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     I am however VERY happy that my kids have come home tonite. 2 weeks was too much for me even though I was excited about the thought of being alone for so long. I wonder how long it will take me to adjust back to getting up at 7am instead of 1 in the afternoon? hrmmmm......

     I have also discovered (like I do every year) that this is the time to STOP trying to spray clearcoat on my projects. 'sigh' the humidity does AWEFUL things to the finish and I have ruined yet another project by thinking "It'll work this one last's not THAT humid". 2 weeks of painting one statue...and one coat of humidity-infused clearcoat = a sloppy looking, drippy figure coated in a. uneven layer of bubbles and fog. :( Don't do it kids. Set those projects away for a DRY day. 
     ALSO, remember to put the color caps back on your spray paint you don't accidently coat your project with white primer instead of clear varnish. Yep...I did that too. :)


  1. lovely art!! i have also been living in solitude for the past two weeks and my entire family is coming back tomorrow!! I loved the solitude and the tidy kitchen tee hee, but am also happy that my house will be full and noisy again.

  2. Two kids kids huh? Me too. Mine are boys 18 and 20. My 20 year old moved out and I missed him so much and then he moved back - so now I am happy. I know they will leave again someday but for now I love the hugs, chaos, feeding - lots of feeding - did I mention that they are 6' and 6'4"? That takes LOTS of food. I am happy for you that you kids are back!!

  3. Yes having some quiet time is one thing but 2 weeks is a loooong time.